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   Larry Walker was born in Georgia and raised in Asbury Park, N.J. He has had a lifelong love for art. Painting since the age of 9, he has continued developing his skills and techniques. Over the years, Larry's unique style of creating art has broadened to include ceramics, sculptures and carvings.  His original creations continue to impress and inspire professionals and customers all across the country.


 WHAT DO I DO:                 "I imagine and I create. My landscapes and nature scenes are close to my heart and my creative abstracts are original and unique. I paint with all mediuns, any size, any design. If you want it on a rock or on every wall in your room or bulding, I can do it . If you or your child have a creative spirit and want to learn to paint, I can help you do that too!"                                                                WHY I DO WHAT I DO:       God has Blessed me with this Unique Gift and I promised Him that I would use it to bless others. My past shortcomings, my supportive family and frends, and my vision of my Future all inspire me to share my talent and to experience the range of emotions others emit as they appreciate my art. Nothing thrills me more than to see the expressions on the faces of the childIren when they see what they can see in my creations!


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